We believe every person is a living Avatar. We are here to gracefully help this world transition into the next Golden Age. We are all here to create heaven on Earth.

Meet Lana Borealis of Divine Evolution DNA

Lana Borealis 2013 Divine Evolution DNALana is the creator of Divine Evolution DNA and she is also my lovely and amazing partner.  She is the healing expert behind the divine feminine side of this DNA work. Lana and I will offer services together here and there, but for now I invite you to check out here website Divine Evolution DNA to see if she is the right person for you to access re-patterning from.  She is an expert in the field of advancing any soul who desires to master their own energy field and practice.  If you are drawn to this work, but would rather work through a female facilitator then Lana is a trusted source and a deeply caring individual with the ability to help you on your journey into joy and assist you in a divine evolution of your entire world.