We believe every person is a living Avatar. We are here to gracefully help this world transition into the next Golden Age. We are all here to create heaven on Earth.

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Are you one of the people who is destined to assist in ushering in the Golden Age here on Earth?

I understand it may be difficult as you awaken to sort through all the different modalities on this planet and to know who is in your highest good to work with, and who isn’t?  It is a very personal decision to open yourself up to another’s energy and allow them to assist you in creating your dream, whether that is as a lightworker, a parent, a teacher, a ski bum, or touring around with the Grateful Dead.

This work is extremely powerful and will shake loose ANYTHING in your life that is stopping you from advancing in serious ways.

Not everyone is ready for that.

Whether it is past trauma, relationships, jobs, social scenes and partying, or yourself, this work will shift those parts of your energy field to allow you to live a life completely un-restricted.  This work is not for everyone.  It is only for those who are REALLY ready to step forward in their true light to begin their path to mastery and their missions here on Earth.

Most of the people I work with are already heavily involved in energy on some level.  Many are Reiki Masters, Shamans, Meditators, Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors, or just understand themselves as Lightworkers in general.  Does this mean you cannot work with me if you have not engaged in energy in other ways?  No, not at all. It just means that when working with me we would take the correct pace for YOUR energy field and 3-D life.

For those who do have practices already, this work will bring your professional life to a whole new level.  You will grow in energetic ways that can be thought of as being “airlifted” into stronger versions of your own gifts.  New roads will open as your consciousness allows higher versions of yourself to remain permanently grounded within your energy field.  The ability to manifest ANYTHING will gradually be introduced into your field and the mastery of that responsibility will follow.

If you desire to access the work, more information can be found on the Services Tab

With a great amount of love and respect,

Peter Aaron Rogen

Founder, Your DNA Awakening

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DISCLAIMER:  This work is not intended to treat or cure any illness or dis-ease.  This work is not intended in any way to replace current, or future, medical treatment, including surgery or psychiatric care.

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