We believe every person is a living Avatar. We are here to gracefully help this world transition into the next Golden Age. We are all here to create heaven on Earth.


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You are a COMPLETELY unlimited being who is here to live in Heaven on Earth.

Being a human born on Earth comes with a sort of energetic, mental, physical and spiritual amnesia.  We don’t often have direct access to knowledge or memories of our past incarnations on this planet or others when we are born.  We also don’t often have easy access to figuring out why we are here and how to get on with our planetary and universal missions while we are incarnated on Earth and still have TIME to step into that IMPORTANT mission.  We also don’t naturally develop into our full dimensional and energetic capabilities without going through some sort of intense spiritual initiations.

As we move further and further onto the cusp of the coming Golden Age the type of energetic transmissions and initiations offered by Peter and Your DNA Awakening will become a very common type of human advancement.  The human form is directly tied to the Earth and the universe in which we exist, and just as science is finding that they are MISSING a large portion of the universe (Dark Matter/Energy), humanity will be discovering their full potential as 12th dimensional beings in the coming years.

Most of us, including myself, have been entrenched in the 3D world for our entire lives, and programmed in many, many different ways.  One of the most detrimental programs that gets instilled when you grow up in this world is that our full understanding of reality should only come from our 3D world.  This programs ANNIHILATES all chances of having a full grasp of the nature of reality, and very often keeps us stuck in energy matrices that serve the frequencies of worry, anger, hate, jealousy, hopelessness, and anxiety.

Many people, including myself, have had deep and personal experiences, or battles, with these types of programs and many of you RIGHT NOW may feel extremely intertwined with worry, anger, hate, jealousy, hopelessness, or anxiety.  If that is that case, I hope you can keep an open enough mind to allow some of this multidimensional help to touch your life in a positive way.

If you are doing well in your life and feel like you have made it past some of those hurdles, or maybe you are on some kind of spiritual or healing MISSION for the world, and want to help others move up and out of the frequency muck on this planet and into happier and healthier lives, I would still ask you to keep an open enough mind to allow some of these types of bio-memory awakening transmissions to assist in you reaching your full potential for the planet and yourselves.

I was in the middle of getting a degree in physics from Portland State University in Oregon in 2011 when I first accessed this type of bio-memory awakening services from Steve Fulop, who later trained me in the art of DNA Awakening after I finished my degree.  I had been on somewhat of a spiritual and healing mission before I accessed this service; having many deeply moving and personal experiences through music all throughout my teens and twenties.  

When I first found Steve I was thinking about going down to Peru to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, as DMT had a powerful effect on the trajectory of my life and understanding of the nature of reality.  Although mystical experiences like that have had a direct and profound affect on my life and consciousness, nothing could prepare me for what it was like to access the multidimensional lineage of Ascended Masters, and get initiated into their fully awakened state of consciousness.

This work is probably nothing like you have ever heard of.  Reiki is the closest modality that is commonly known, but is vastly different from DNA Work in that Reiki uses the right hand, or the sending hand for energetic transmissions facilitated using the energy of the PRACTICTIONER, while this type of bio-memory awakening work requires the use of the left hand, or the feminine-receiving hand, for facilitation through YOUR OWN SOUL MATRIX.  Often called DNA work, this modality  is  permanent and will continue your healing and energetic growth for months and years from a single session.

Accessing this type of multidimensional work is a very powerful and profound step to take in your life, and is meant for those who are REALLY ready to move onto a higher plane of existence and happiness.  In order to awaken your bio-memory I use a combination of light, sound, and color encodements that BYPASS the 3D understanding of most people, as the light, sound, and color transmissions are translated directly to the higher and more etheric parts of yourself, which many people would understand as the Soul, or Soul Matrix, as the soul has higher parts of itself too and is intertwined within a web of life and existence, just as you are as a 3D person.

In the simplest terms possible, I work with your Soul directly, using language that your 3D self might not get a lot out of, but your Soul, or Soul Matrix, understands like a textbook.  Through these types of bio-memory awakening transmissions your consciousness and 3D life will blossom into an entirely new version of itself.  Healing of trauma and pain will take place in a shedding sort of way, but after that, you will be left with access to states of bliss and higher dimensional mastery, which for many people on Earth are seen as Superhuman.

When you awaken the bio-memory of your Soul Matrix you begin to embody parts of yourself previously buried.  The KNOWLEDGE from these parts of yourselves, once fully awakened, is the most important part of your growth, as they contain the DNA blueprint for your missions here on Earth.

We all incarnate with many purposes, although lots of us find it hard to find our TRUE divine purpose and make a living doing something that serves not only YOUR soul, but also the planet, galaxy, universe, and cosmos.  When you awaken your entire Soul Matrix you also enter into your 3D genetic existence the direct blueprint of your specific reason for incarnating on Earth at this time.  As you progress into that understanding and reality, which may take months or years, you will have the bio-awakened state to begin to understand why you are incarnated in this particular galaxy, as many of you have been on missions in this galaxy, previously to being on Earth.  

After this transition takes places, and your galactic mission is fully awakened, you will be able to begin embodying your universal mission, and after that, for some of you who contain the ability of Rishi consciousness, you will be able to understand your reason for incarnating in a universe at all.  Our Soul always has very specific, and often a long list of what it desires to accomplish when it incarnates.  Accessing bio-awakening work from Your DNA Awakening will hyper accelerate your completion of these missions and allow you to advance further and faster than you ever hoped for.

Whether you need to break free from low level issues and move into a happier existence in general, or whether you are on a mission from God to help heal and save the world as we transition into a whole new way of being here in this coming Golden Age, having your bio-memory awoken by someone who is able to facilitate real Soul Matrix communication and transmissions from the highest frames of consciousness available on Earth at the moment is one of the most important, if not necessary, steps one can take on the path to enlightenment.

If you desire to go through this type of morphogenetic change you may access the work in 3 different ways. The options are found under the Services Tab in the menu above.

With a great amount of love and respect,

Peter Rogen

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DISCLAIMER:  This work is not intended to treat or cure any illness or dis-ease.  This work is not intended in any way to replace current, or future, medical treatment, including surgery or psychiatric care.
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