We believe every person is a living Avatar. We are here to gracefully help this world transition into the next Golden Age. We are all here to create heaven on Earth.


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You are a COMPLETELY unlimited being who is here to live in Heaven on Earth.

Yet many of us don’t feel that way. The truth is that our consciousness and mulitdimensional selves are not in proper working order, and Earth and its people have a lot of built up energetic reverse firing sequences in their field, DNA template and mind. Life on this planet shouldn’t be so miserable for so many on a moment to moment consciousness level.  Sitting around and feeling anxious, or depressed, is not the “normal” setup of how the human form is supposed to work.  This is the result of us being cut off energetically from our higher selves.  As you access and integrate DNA Activation work, you become permanently connected to your higher self and setup a whole new map of higher dimensional information, guidance, and new psychic and super-human abilities become more easily accessible and readily available.

Isn’t it time to get in line with the unlimited YOU?

This work is not magic, but rather a mastery of ancient multidimensional mechanics and the ability to remotely influence your bio-energetic field and consciousness in astounding ways, ways that seem foreign since this type of facilitation has not often been available to the public in the past.

Peter and Lana have the ability to help you and your energy field in ways you only dreamed about. Stop the endless cycle of self help techniques and let them help you get in touch with yourself as a completely sovereign and abundantly free co-creator of reality.

For those who do have practices, or businesses of any kind already, this work will bring your professional life to a whole new level.  You will grow in energetic ways that can be thought of as being “airlifted” into stronger versions of your own gifts, whether that is as a hedge fund manager or a healer, or both.  New roads will open as your consciousness allows higher versions of yourself to remain permanently grounded within your energy field.  The ability to manifest ANYTHING will gradually be introduced into your field and the mastery of that responsibility will follow.

With a great amount of love and respect,

Peter and Lana

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DISCLAIMER:  This work is not intended to treat or cure any illness or dis-ease.  This work is not intended in any way to replace current, or future, medical treatment, including surgery or psychiatric care.
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